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A forensic investigation of digital evidence is commonly employed as a post-incident response to a serious information security incident. There will be many circumstances where an organisation may benefit from an ability to gather and preserve digital evidence before an incident occurs. Forensic readiness is the ability of an organisation to maximize its potential to use digital evidence whilst minimizing the costs of an investigation. Preparation to use digital evidence may involve enhanced system and staff monitoring, technical, physical, and procedural means to secure data to evidential standards of admissibility, processes and procedures to ensure that staff recognize the importance and legal sensitivities of evidence, and appropriate legal advice and interfacing with law enforcement.

Digital evidence is critical for investigation and assessment. Identifying the evidence in a heap of data and logs is challenging. Besides data, it involves all types of digital media such as PCs, tablets, flash drives, digital cameras etc. It entails examining digital media in a forensically sound manner with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts and opinions about the digital information. Digital assessment must be such that it creates a chain of custody leading to the identification or root cause of the incidence. A complete documented digital assessment is important to understand the cause of an incident.

It also proves to the employees & management and regulatory authorities that the company has the capability and resilience to identify, track and take actions on such people, employees & third parties who have caused the security incident.


  • Efficient Investigation

    In the event of a major incident, an efficient and rapid investigation can be conducted, and actions taken with minimal disruption to the business.

  • Evidence as Defense

    Evidence can be gathered to act in the company's defense if subject to a lawsuit.

  • CFA as Deterrent

    Comprehensive evidence gathering can be used as a deterrent to the insider threat

  • Reduce Cost & Time

    A systematic approach to evidence storage can significantly reduce the costs and time of an internal investigation.

  • Structured Approach

    A structured approach to evidence storage can reduce the costs of any court-ordered disclosure or regulatory or legal need to disclose data (e.g. in response to a request under data protection legislation);

  • Extend The Security

    Forensic readiness can extend the target of information security to the wider threat from cyber crime such as intellectual property protection, fraud, or extortion.

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    Critical Care for Assets

    It demonstrates due diligence and good corporate governance of the company's information assets.

  • Comprehensive Checklist

    It can demonstrate that regulatory requirements have been met.

  • CFA Improvements

    It can improve and facilitate the interface to law enforcement, if involved.

  • Improve Prospects

    It can improve the prospects for a successful legal action.

  • Resolve Dispute

    It can provide evidence to resolve a commercial dispute.

  • Support Through Digital Means

    It can support employee sanctions based on digital evidence (for example, proving violation of an acceptable use policy).


Assessment implements various policies & makes changes based on business environments & market situations.
Prevention security includes a patented solution for containing unknown files in run time, automatically.