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SIDR has it s own forensic Lab which is run by Certified Forensic Experts, who have previously worked with Government Forensic Labs. SIDR has trained 60+ State Cyber Forensic Lab professionals in handling and analyzing digital evidence., followed with successful certification in CHFI (Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator)


  • Investigation Checklist
  • Field Investigator’s Guide
  • Investigation Tools (Software)


Digital Forensics & Legal System
Digital evidence is a volatile evidence and has to be collected in a sound manner
Principles of Digital Evidence
While collecting digital evidence, one has to stick to universally & scientifically accepted forensic principles
Search & Seizure of Digital Evidence
Search & Seizure of Digital evidence is a methodological process and has to be followed scrupulously
Forensic Analysis using EnCase/ FTK
Hard drive forensic is carried out in most of the criminal cases using EnCase/FTK
Mobile Phone Forensics & CDR Analysis
Today’s mobile phones are nothing less than a PC and is a treasure trove of evidence
Cloud Forensics & Database Forensics
World is fast moving to cloud technology & it essential for a Police Officer/ Forensic Expert to know how to collect evidence in Cloud and from database
Internet, Social Media & Email Forensics
Social Media and email are most used applications in the world today.
Preparation of Forensic Report
Preparing a forensic report is an art as Court rely heavily on the forensic report submitted in a criminal case and many court judgments are found to center around the forensic report where the digital evidence is the mainstay of the case


Cyber Crime Investigation
Our specialists have wide experience
in investigation of cyber
crime cases.
Voice (Audio) Forensics
After critical listening, our forensic expert use electronic measurement to examine the audio evidence.